Barcelona-IX is a IXP operated by iFog GmbH within the bitNAP Barcelona Datacenter.
Its goal is to offer an IXP open for everyone to enhance peering in the region.

Joining requirements:
-Have a valid public ASN
-Have up-to-date PeeringDB information
-Have up-to-date RIR Whois information
-Only send traffic to destinations advertised by BGP on the Peering LAN
-Does not send any multicast (except ARP/IPv6 ND) packets
-Will not advertise the Barcelona-IX addressing space outside of the Barcelona-IX infrastructure.
-Will not abuse the Peering LAN for commercial services.
-Will not tunnel out the peering port or peering lan.
-MTU on the client interface must be at least 1500.

Connection requirements:
-Must be able to crossconnect in one of the physical POPs listed below.

Current PoPs:
-bitNAP Barcelona

-Until further notice 1GbE and 10GbE ports are free of cost.
-One port per organisation, exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.
-For physical connections, bring your own optic or DAC, we do not cover the cost for the crossconnect.
-For XCs, contact us to get a LOA.
-Barcelona-IX is also avilable on iFog Colocation in Barcelona.

Route Server:
-We have a Route Server based on arouteserver. Configuration is fetched daily from PeeringDB.

-If you’re interested in joining Barcelona-IX, please send a request to